Analyzing UAE English Skills.

Analyzing UAE English Skills.
Grade Seven

To begin with , it is a good opportunity to shed light on the above mentioned new curriculum taking into our consideration the advantages and the disadvantages in this series .Moreover , Grade Seven book contains many elements which need much time to be covered .It is an invitation to express some shadows and quick ideas regarding such a big task .However , even Humor nods .Therefore , it is just a humble try in the process of analysis which needs to be flourished under your supports and fruitful advice .This new series is divided into Student `s Book , Work Book and Teacher` s book .The advantages and the disadvantages of the former books are as the following :-
Student’s Book

1- The pictures and the illustrations are very clear and interesting .They attract student’s attention by referring them to the real life situations .
2- There are ten themes in this book : education , daily life , work and business , science and world , culture and civilization , they made our world , art and literature , sport and leisure and nutrition and health . Our students can learn a lot about many subjects which help them improve their skills
3- The lessons are classified into the following sub-categories: listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar .This division follows the nature way of learning by students.
4- Students are asked from the very beginning to answer questions .They are obliged to think thoroughly.
1. There are six units in the first semester and four units in the second semester. Furthermore, Starter A and Starter B are included in the first semester .Each unit needs about two weeks at least in order to be covered. They need much time and effort as well.
2- The repetition and the redundancy in this book which may reduce students` motivation.
3- The material which is recorded on the cassettes is not clear .The speakers speak very fast .Therefore, our students can’t follow what it is going on .
4- When it comes to the book that was taught in grade six, this new book is different .Student may feel confused while dealing with this new book .
Notes and solutions
1. The solution to the problem is by teaching five units in each semester.
2- The teacher can be selective especially when he / she feels that the objective is covered .Consequently, he / she can modify his lesson plan according to the needs of his / her students
3- We can’t avoid the role of teacher especially if the students face a problem in listening.
4. The problem is solved by replacing the previous book with Parade which is very close to our new book.
Work book
1- It contains exercises which trigger students` skills and help students think a lot by giving them ideas that differ from the student’s book.
2- There are exercises relating to listening and speaking reading and writing which give students more opportunities in practising the skills learnt in the student `s book .
3- Students can rely on themselves .They just need some help and they can do the rest of the task by referring to the ideas that they may get from the student’s book .
4-There is a kind of hierarchy in difficulty in the distribution of the material in the workbook which goes with the natural development in the abilities of our students.

1- It lacks enough vocabulary and grammar exercises.
2- The workbook has less importance than the student book which should be called workbook because there are many exercises in it more than the so called workbook. It eclipsed the role of the workbook.
3- There are many questions in each exercise which need much time in order to be solved .Therefore, the workbook may sometimes give the student the habit of copying ready made patterns without giving them any opportunity to think.
Notes and possible solutions
1- They can add some more exercises regarding grammar and vocabulary .
2- The teacher is asked to check the student’s book , the workbook and the notebook .There are varieties of exercises and sub-skills regarding each main skill which need much time to be dealt with .

The teacher’s book
1- A very good and a well organized teacher’s book which provides us with much information about the material .There are answers for almost all exercises and guidance for teaching each lesson step by step .
2- You can find the type****** for listening exercises and there are methodology notes which help us a lot in order to adopt the material and to make the suitable ******** transfer.
3-It is very great to include the student’s book within the teacher’s book. It helps us a lot especially in preparation for the lesson.

1- There are many details regarding each activity which need much time in order to be applied .The ideas are very perfect, yet they are not practical because they don’t sometimes meet the real abilities of our students.

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