Help Me PLEASE!!! T_T

Salaaaaaaaaam everyone..
I’m dieing الشارقة here to find ready-to-use lesson plans. i know i should be using the teacher’s book. but the school asks for a hand made lesson plans (lol Hand made!!! what an expr.!!!الشارقة)

Anyway!! for those who can help… please ..Please PLEASE!!! give me a hand.. !!! and i’ll be more than grateful!!الشارقة

p.s: i need the these lesson plans to give me some ideas but i won’t use them as they are.. so don’t think i’m trying to find a way not to do my work in proper way!!! الشارقة


Guys Please… give me a hand…!!! i’m waiting T_T

by the way.. i teach grades,4 and 5

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