The ”Aches

7 Aches

You probably know the word "ache". It can be a verb or a
noun, and means "to hurt" or "a pain". We sometimes combine
the word "ache" with parts of the body. For example, if our
back hurts, we say that we have "backache" or "a backache"
We do *not* do this with all parts of the body. For example
we cannot say that we have a "handache". There are really
only five parts of the body that we combine with "ache"
They are shown below, plus two other words that we use in a
slightly different way






We do not use this to mean a *physical* pain in the heart
Instead, it means an emotional pain

This means an ugly or miserable-looking person. (BrE)

Well done my brother we nee this kind of participation.Things that are in the ******** , but most of us don`t think aout it.
thanks for the compliment Mr shrouk

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