The Lost Bag

The Lost Bag

nce upon time , there was a young man who used to work as a porter in the big omarket in a small village .he was very poor in a sense that he couldn’t buy any thing for himself or for his old mother. His mother was very ill as well.She said to him:” Sami you should work hard ?” “I want you to be a real man” “.I hope that you can get married as soon as possible .””.I want to see your children . Sami heard these words with some tears in his red black eyes . He looked at his hands and said to himself :- “I am handcuffed “.” I can’t do anything to get money “.” Money is the most important thing in this life .” “I must be rich .””I must say good bye to this poor life .” Being a porter is not my goal in this life .’”Then , he left his cold home and popped out for some bread. During his walking down the street, he suddenly heard a strange voice coming from the small shop in the corner.He heard a man :-‘” I must correct my mistake” .” I must tell the truth” .” I can’t keep silent for ever “. “I want to die in peace without holding this shame on my shoulders.” After that , Sami became closer and closer so that he could hear the rest of this story. Then , he entered the shop and asked the man inside it :-“ Can I help you sir ?” “Do you need someone to hold your things ?” “I am a porter?” When the old man heard Sami’s words , he didn’t control himself , and he started laughing .Then he said :” Oh , my son “.” I want someone to solve my probem not to carry my bag “. “ Sami became surprised and said “; Is it a heavy bag ?” ‘I am very strong , and I can carry it , give me please a chance “. The man began to feel very angry and said in a very sharp voice :” Are you crazy ?” “I don’t have anything to be carried” . “Leave me alone and run away” .But Sami didn’t make any move and said to the angry man :” Well , you can ask me for any help , I am ready to lend you a hand , just ask me , I don,t want any money.” Then the man felt a bit sorry for Sami’s offer and said to him :-“ The story that I lost my money in this shop I can’t pay anything for the shop owner, he is going to put me in the prison .I know the reason ; it is because the origin of the money was not good .I stole it from a man called Jaber Omray . Then, Sami became very surprised when he heard the name “ Jaber ;” Said Jaber ,Jaber ?” “You are talking about my father .”What ?” The old man said :” Are you Jaber’s son ? How can I help you ? Please forgive , forget “. Sami said : “ If you give me the money ,I may forget , but I can’t forgive since it is my father’s problem not mine .” He passed away ten years ago. “ The old man said :- “Take me to the Jail please , please I want to feel free .” But Sami said to him :” This action will not solve my problem ,but the money will do so . “
The old man stood and said to the boy :” your money is in the bag under that table , take it and run away .” When Sami opened the bag he saw only ten dinners and said angrily .:” Is this the whole money ?” Then the old man said :” yes “, When I took it I felt sorry and I didn’t touch it ,and I failed to find your father . but Sami said ;- “We need this money despite it is being very little ,it is ours .”Then Sami took the money and bought some medicine for his mother .They felt very happy that the little money solved their urgent problem .The lost bag came from the past to save the mother from her illness .

By Abu Shrouq

Just read this short story .
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