How to prepare for exam

First: the use of God and pray for repentance and that the success of

Second: cautious optimism and success of the (negative thinking), and falling prey to fears of failure, that would lead to disturbance of confidence in the student himself.

Third: hard work for the organization while an appropriate manner, taking into account the division of your time between serious study and deducting some time to rest between each period and the other, and start school materials according to their importance, and (a schedule of conning is a necessary and very important).

IV: Choose a suitable place for studying as ventilation and lighting, and organizing books and memoirs are easy reference, and sit down and correct status and create a comfortable atmosphere surrounding applicant, and the need to be comfortable advantage calm and not to other matters of concern.

Fifth: avoid excessive monitoring, and taking enough sleep and rest that is something that helps example, adequate nutrition because of hunger and fatigue of the most important physical, which makes the student is unable to collect and consultation.

Sixth: away from all external influences that operate on the consultation, such as noise from the radio or things that may deducted as an important part of the student.

Seventh: ensuring discipline in attendance before the date of the test well in advance, and after the exit of the Commission – and the vacuum of the answer – or should not be compared with a review of the answer, but must be prepared for the following day.

Eighth: Do not forget before the start in solving the questions the use of God and steaming it, and then read all the instructions and questions contained in a paper questions before answering. If contained paper exam questions are optional, it is better to read all the questions before embarking on a solution.
The student heading to the answer quickly and usually fatal; because it is usually a mistake in reading the question or misunderstand instructions. And you can answer the questions according to your preference, easier to begin first. Circle the questions or parts of the questions that have been unable to answer, and then if there is enough time tried again. Such a process would facilitate the difficult points you identify very quickly.

Improve your brother, the student should identify and time each question is this time, in order to be able to obtain maximum marks.
If the answer depends on the narrative (the term or explain paragraph), it is preferable to identify the key points that you want to include in your answer, and this method helps you not to ignore any point during the flow of writing).
If contained paper test questions with multiple answers are optional, and is unable to identify the correct answer, try to guess the answer, this is better than nothing.

With best wishes for all success and success.

تسلم ايدج اختي
الف شكر لمرورك اختي
There are very useful .Our stuents can make use of the above mentioned ways of preparation for the exam.The teachers can apply some of the ways in their everyday process of teaching by training their students accoring to the proceures of preparing for the exam .Our stuents can study with regard to the objectives of the the lesson as well.
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